TVFox 1.2.2

Watch free web TV in Firefox


  • More than 2,700 channels from all over the world
  • Channels are sorted by country and category
  • Includes also world real-time web cameras


  • Not all channels are available
  • Displays ads on player


After a few hours browsing the Web you'll probably run out of new websites to visit. What about some TV for a change?

With TVFox you can watch thousands of free online TV channels without having to leave your dear old Firefox. This add-on is displayed as a toolbar – which takes a bit too much space for my taste – and gives you access to more than 2,700 TV channels from all over the world.

The channel list is organized in two ways, by country and by category, both of which are available through a couple of buttons on the toolbar. TVFox features dozens of countries and 13 different categories which will surely keep you amused for a while.

That said, the truth is that not all the channels in TVFox work at all times, and that can make the TV channel browsing experience a bit disappointing some times. Also, beware that the TVFox player displays ads, something some people may not like at all.

Tired of browsing the web? Try watching online free TV for a change, without even having to leave your browser!



TVFox 1.2.2

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